This online book is largely inspired by Professor Yong-Yeol (“YY”) Ahn’s online class of INFO I606 Network Science at Indiana University Bloomington, and the Network Science book by Albert-László Barabási. I am deeply grateful to Professor YY Ahn for allowing me to attend the online course and to Professor Barabási for generously making his book available to everyone online. Without their help, this project is impossible.

This book has several custom blocks:

This is a note, a general notice.
This is a reminder, usually just to remind myself of something I do not understand yet.
This is a tip, which helps you to understand a concept or memorize a formula.
This is a caution, to inform you, for example, an error in publications.
This is an importance note. It tells you something you should consider when understanding a concept, for example, when scholars disagree.

This website is built with Bookdown and deployed by Netlify. You can find the full source of this project at https://github.com/hongtaoh/netsci-notes.

This book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you notice any errors, including typos and mistakes in math formulas, you are welcome to contribute to the project by clicking the “Editing” button on the upper-left of this online book (shown below). You will be directed to fork this project before suggesting changes.